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Superior Electric K34 CARBON BRUSH SET FOR MAKITA 194987-7 CB-155

Fits the following Makita Tools:

HR5001C Rotary Hammer
HR5000 Rotary Hammer
5008NB Circular Saw
HM1211B Demolition Hammer
HR3851 Rotary Hammer
HM1202C Demolition Hammer
HM1202 Demolition Hammer
HM1301 Demolition Hammer
HM1242C Demolition Hammer
HM1211 Demolition Hammer
HR4500C Rotary Hammer
2412N 12 In. Portable Cut-Off
HM1201 Demolition Hammer
2416S (Type 1) Saw
5008NBA Saw
5008NBA (Type 2) Saw
5008NBA (Type 3) Saw
5008NB (Type 2) Saw
5008NB (Type 3) Saw
5008NB (Type 4) Saw
6910 (Type 2) Impact Driver
HM1300 Misc
HR3850B Misc
HR3850K Misc
HR5000K (Type 1) Misc
SR2300 Saw

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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