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Stanley Bostitch MSC6100-35 SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREW M6X1.​00X35

Fits the following Stanley Bostitch Tools:

538S214 Pneumatic Stapler
538S4 Pneumatic Stapler
538S5 Pneumatic Stapler
650S4 Pneumatic Stapler
650S5 Pneumatic Stapler
750S4 Pneumatic Stapler
438S2 Pneumatic Stapler
438S2R Pneumatic Stapler
438S4 Pneumatic Stapler
438S5 Pneumatic Stapler
450S2 Pneumatic Stapler
F21PL Pneumatic Stick Nailer
F21PL2 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
F33PT Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N89RH17 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
SDCN14B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDCN14 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N57C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N130C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N12B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N100S Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N100C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N89RH17-2MCN Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N63CP Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
863S4 Pneumatic Stapler
438S2R-1 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
750S5 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
850S4 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
LPF21PL (Type 0) 21 Degrees Low Profile Plastic Collated Framing Nailer
LPF28WW (Type 0) 28 Degrees Low Profile Wire Weld Framing Nailer
LPF33PT (Type 0) 30 Degrees Low Profile Paper Collated Framing Nailer
438S2-1 (Type 0) 16 Gauge Wide Crown Stapler
450S2-1 (Type 0) 16 GA Wide Crown Lathing Stapler

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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