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Stanley Bostitch MSC6100-25 SCREW M6X1.00X25

Fits the following Stanley Bostitch Tools:

WM45B Pneumatic Coil Nailer
T55S5 Pneumatic Stapler
T50S4 Pneumatic Stapler
T50S2 Pneumatic Stapler
N89C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Framing Nailer
N88WWB Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N88WW Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N86C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80SBM Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N80SB Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N80CBMLPAL Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SX150LM Pneumatic Brad Nailer & Stapler
N80CB Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SL150LM Pneumatic Brad Nailer & Stapler
SDN11RH Pneumatic Stick Nailer
SDN11PTB Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N57C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDCN14B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDCN14 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N100S Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N100C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
MFN-201 Flooring Nailer
N79WW Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N79RH Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N79PT Pneumatic Stick Nailer
RN46 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
RN45B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
N95RHN Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N95162 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N90PT Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N70CBPAL Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N64C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N64084-N64099 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N63CP Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N89C-1P Type 0 Heavy Duty Pallet, Fence Nailer
N80S Type 0 Stick Nailer
N80C Type 0 Coil-Fed Nailer
RN46-1 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
SF150C (Type 0) 1-1/2 X15 Degree Coil Nai
651S5 (Type 0) 16 GA – 7/16″ Construction Stapler
BTFP72155 (Type 1) Smart Point 15 Ga “Da” Style Angle Finish Nailer Kit
BTFP72156 (Type 1) Smart Point 15 Ga “Fn” Style Angle Finish Nailer Kit
N89C (140020000) Framing Nailer
N89C-HQ (Type 0) Framing Nailer
N89C-HQ (140020000) Framing Nailer
N58C (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer

Fits the following Porter Cable Tools:

FR350B (Type 0) 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer

Fits the following Craftsman Tools:

18990 Nailer

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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