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Stanley Bostitch MRG049431 O-RING 2.​343X.​118

Fits the following Stanley Bostitch Tools:

N86C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80SBM Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N80SB Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N80CBMLPAL Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80CB-1ML Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80CB Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDN11RH Pneumatic Stick Nailer
SDN11PTB Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N79WW Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N79RH Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N79PT Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N95RHN Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N95162 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N90PT Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N70CBPAL Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N70CBM Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80S Type 0 Stick Nailer
N80C Type 0 Coil-Fed Nailer
N80CB-1 (Type 0) Angle Coil Nailer
N80CB-HQ (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
RN90PLEX (Type 0) Round Head Duplex Na
N400C-1 (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N401C-1 (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N71C (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer

Fits the following Porter Cable Tools:

FR350B (Type 0) 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer

Fits the following DeWalt Tools:

DW325C (Type 1) 15 D Coi Frame Nailer

Fits the following Black and Decker Tools:

FC350B (Type 0) 3-1/2 Framing Nailer

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 in


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