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Skil 2.610.351.285 2610351285 CAP NUT

Fits the following Skill Tools:

5525_TYPE_1 6-1/2IN POWER SAW (F-905559)
5550_TYPE_1 7-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-905561)
5625_TYPE_2 CIRCULAR SAW (F-355198)
5656_TYPE_1 7-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-351386)
5657_TYPE_1 7-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-905563)
5660_TYPE_1 8-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-905567)
HD5525_TYPE_1 6-1/2IN POWER SAW (F-905559)
HD5550_TYPE_1 7-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-905561)
HD5657_TYPE_1 7-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-905563)
HD5660 8-1/4IN Circular Saw
HD5660_TYPE_1 8-1/4IN POWER SAW (F-905567)

Fits the following Bosch Tools:

1655.039 7-1/4IN CIRCULAR SAW (060 1655 039)
1656.039 8-1/4IN CIRCULAR SAW (060 1656 039)
B5600.035 7-1/4IN CIRCULAR SAW (060 1655 169)
B5700.035 8-1/4IN CIRCULAR SAW (060 1656 035)

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