Senco LB0765 O-RING


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Senco LB0765 O-RING

Fits the following Senco Tools:

J 060002N (JN 1/2) Stapler
J 060010N (JN5 1/2) J Stapler
J 060067N (JN5 5/8) Stapler
J 060009N (JN2330 5/8) Stapler
J 060006N (JG 1/2) Stapler
J 060008N (JG 5/8) Stapler
J 060014N (JG45 5/8) Stapler
J 060004N (J 1/2) Stapler
J 060012N (J5 1/2) Stapler
K (KG4450-1) K Stapler
K (KG4450-1 1/4) K Stapler
K (KG4450-1 1/2) K Stapler
L (LG45-3/4) Stapler
L (LN3045-1) Stapler
L (LN4450-1) Stapler
L (LG4450-1) Stapler
L (LN2532-3/4) Stapler
LS1 18 Ga. Headless Pinner

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in