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Paslode 091540 O-RING (MA,MN,PA,GN)

Fits the following Paslode Tools:

Paslode 2125-I18 Medium Crown Stapler
Paslode 2125-I18_DBL_LNGTH Medium Crown Double Length Stapler
Paslode 2125-N18 Trim/Finish Stapler
Paslode 2125-N18_DBL_LNGTH Narrrow Crown Double Length Stapler
Paslode 2125N-I Double Length Staplers
Paslode 2138-F18_II Finish Nailer
Paslode MA-C20 Magnum Corrugated Fastener
Paslode MA-C20N Magnum Corrugated Fastener
Paslode MA-WW12 Magnum Extra Wide Crown Stapler
Paslode MN-200 Mini Nailer
Paslode PA-114_32-W14 Wide Crown Stapler
Paslode PA-200_50-S16 Medium Crown Stapler
Paslode PA-200_50-W16 Wide Crown Stapler

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