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Makita 416079-5 F/R CHANGE LEVER

Fit the following Makita Tools:

6916DWDE Impact Driver
6932FDWDE Impact Driver
6313D Cordless Drill
6333D Cordless Drill
6343D Cordless Drill
6203D Cordless Drill
6213D Cordless Drill
6908D Impact Driver
6914D Impact Driver
6233D Cordless Drill
6336D Cordless Drill
6216D Cordless Drill
6236D Cordless Drill
6226D Cordless Drill
8413D Cordless Drill
8433D Cordless Drill
8443D Cordless Drill
6227D Cordless Drill
6228D Cordless Drill
6909D Cordless Impact Wrench
6916D Impact Driver
6918D Cordless Impact Wrench
BDF460 Cordless Drill
BHP460 Hammer Driver Drill
BTD200 Cordless Impact Driver
BTW200 Cordless Impact Wrench
6970D Cordless Impact Driver
6935FDWDE 14.4V Cordless Impact Driver
BTD120RAE 12V Makstar Impact Driver
BTD150SA 14.4V Makstar Impact Driver
BTW120SA 12V Makstar Impact Wrench
BTW150SA 14.4V Cordless Impact Wrench
6933FDWDE 14V Cordless Impact Wrench
6934FDWDE 14V Cordless Impact Wrench
6980FDWDE Cordless Impact Driver
6990DWDE 9V Impact Driver
6991DWDE 9V Impact Wrench
8443DWDE Hammer Drill
6343DWDE Cordless Drill
6936FD Cordless Impact Driver
6918FD Cordless Impact Wrench
6917FDWDE Cordless Impact Wrench
BTW151 14.4V Cordless 1/2″ Impact Wrench
BTW121 12V 1500mA Cordless Impact Wrench
6917D Cordless Driver Drill
6992D 1/2″ Impact Wrench
6916FDWDE Impact Driver
6933FDWE 14.4V Cordless 3/8″ Impact Wrench
BTD150SAE 14.4V MAKSTAR Cordless Impact Driver
6226DWE 3/8″ Cordless Driver Drill
6226DWLE 3/8″ Cordless Driver Drill
6213DWAE Drill
6213DWBE Drill
6227DWE Drill
6228DWE Drill
6336DWDE Drill
6343DWAE Drill
6908DWA Drill / Driver
6908DWAE Drill / Driver
6909DWA Drill / Driver
6909DWAE Drill / Driver
6909DWDE Drill / Driver
6914DWA Drill / Driver
6914DWAE Drill / Driver
6914DWB Drill / Driver
6914DWBE Drill / Driver
6916DWD Drill / Driver
6917DWDE Drill
6917FD Drill / Driver
6918DWD Drill / Driver
6918FDWD Drill / Driver
6918FDWDE Drill / Driver
6932FD Drill / Driver
6933FD Drill / Driver
6933FDWD Drill / Driver
6934FD Drill / Driver
6935FD Drill / Driver
6936FDWDE Drill / Driver
6980FD Drill / Driver
6980FDWAE Drill / Driver
6990D Drill / Driver
6991D Drill / Driver
6992DWDE Drill / Driver
8413DWDE Drill
8433DWDE Drill
BDF460SH Drill
BDF460SHE Drill
BHP460SH Drill
BHP460SHE Drill
BHR200SHE Rotary Hammer
BTD120 Drill / Driver
BTD120SA (Type 1) Drill / Driver
BTD120SA (Type 2) Drill / Driver
BTD120Z Drill / Driver
BTD150 Drill / Driver
BTW120 Drill / Driver
BTW120SAE Drill / Driver
BTW121SA Drill / Driver
BTW150 Drill / Driver
BTW150SAE Drill / Driver
BTW151SA Drill / Driver
BTW151Z Drill / Driver
BTW200SAE Drill / Driver
BTW200SA (Type 1) Drill / Driver
BTW200SA (Type 2) Drill / Driver
BTW200SA (Type 3) Drill / Driver
BTW200SH Drill / Driver
BTW200SH (Type 1) Drill / Driver
BTW200SH (Type 2) Drill / Driver
BTW200SH (Type 3) Drill / Driver

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