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Fits the following Makita Tools:

6916DWDE Impact Driver
6932FDWDE Impact Driver
6703D Cordless Screwdriver
6903VD Cordless Screwdriver
6913D Impact Driver
6793D Cordless Drill
6794D Cordless Drill
6795D Cordless Drill
6908D Impact Driver
6914D Impact Driver
6940D Impact Driver
6951 Impact Driver
6950 Impact Driver
6705D 9.6V Cordless Screwdriver
6916D Impact Driver
BTD040 Cordless Impact Driver
BTD060 Cordless Impact Driver
6970D Cordless Impact Driver
6935FDWDE 14.4V Cordless Impact Driver
BTD120RAE 12V Makstar Impact Driver
BTD150SA 14.4V Makstar Impact Driver
6952 Impact Driver
6980FDWDE Cordless Impact Driver
6990DWDE 9V Impact Driver
BTD061SHG Impact Driver
BTD130FW Impact Driver
BTP140 Hybrid Impact Hammer Driver Drill
BTD140 Impact Driver
6936FD Cordless Impact Driver
BTD142 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver
TD020DSEW 7.2V Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Screw Driver
BTD141 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver
BTL061 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver
6796FD 9.6V Cordless Drill
6797FD 9.6V Cordless Drill
6798FD 9.6V Cordless Drill
BTD042 12V 2000mA Cordless Impact Driver
BTD062 12V 2000mA Cordless Impact Driver
BFT040F Cordless Screwdriver
BFT080F Cordless Screwdriver
BFT122F Cordless Screwdriver
BFT123F Cordless Screwdriver
BFH040 Cordless Drill
BFH040F Cordless Drill
BFH090 Cordless Drill
BFH090F Hazardous Location Screwdriver
BFH120F Hazardous Location ScrewDriver
BFT020F Cordless Drill
BFT081F Cordless Screwdriver
DF030D 10.8V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver Drill
TD090D Impact Driver
BDT132 14.4V Impact Driver
DF010DSE 7.2V Screwdriver
BTD144Z 18V Brushless Impact Driver
6916FDWDE Impact Driver
6903VDWE 9.6V Cordless Impact Driver Kit
6940DWA 9.6V Cordless Angle Impact Driver
BTD141Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver
BTD150SAE 14.4V MAKSTAR Cordless Impact Driver
DF030DW 10.8V Cordless 1/4″ Hex Driver-Drill
TD090DW 10.8V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver
BTD144 Lithium-Ion Impact Driver w/ Brushless Motor
FS2701 Drywall Screwdriver
LXDT01 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-Speed Brushless Motor Impact Driver
DT01W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit
LXDT08 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver
LXDT04 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit
FD01W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/4″ Hex Driver-Drill Kit
LXDT08Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver
LXDT04CW Cordless Impact Driver
XDT11R Cordless Impact Driver
XPDT13 18V Lxt Lithium?Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver
XDT13M/R/Z Impact Driver
6796FDZ Screwdriver
6797D Drill / Driver
6798FDZ Screwdriver
6903VDW Drill / Driver
6903VWD (Type 1) Drill / Driver
6903VWD (Type 2) Drill / Driver
6908DWA Drill / Driver
6908DWAE Drill / Driver
6913DWA Drill / Driver
6914DWA Drill / Driver
6914DWAE Drill / Driver
6914DWB Drill / Driver
6914DWBE Drill / Driver
6916DWD Drill / Driver
6932FD Drill / Driver
6935FD Drill / Driver
6936FDWDE Drill / Driver
6940DW (Type 1) Drill / Driver
6940DW (Type 2) Drill / Driver
6952 (Type 2) Impact Driver
6980FD Drill / Driver
6980FDWAE Drill / Driver
6990D Drill / Driver
BFT020FZ Screwdriver
BFT020FZ (Type 1) Screwdriver
BFT020FZ (Type 2) Screwdriver
BFT022FZ Screwdriver
BFT040FZ (Type 1) Screwdriver
BFT040FZ (Type 2) Screwdriver
BFT041R Screwdriver
BFT041RZ Screwdriver
BFT044FZ Screwdriver
BFT080FZ Screwdriver
BFT080FZ (Type 1) Screwdriver
BFT080FZ (Type 2) Screwdriver
BFT081FZ Screwdriver
BFT082RAZ Screwdriver
BFT082RZ (Type 1) Screwdriver
BFT082RZ (Type 2) Screwdriver
BFT082RZ (Type 3) Screwdriver
BFT083FZ Screwdriver
BFT084FZ Screwdriver
BFT084FZ (Type 1) Screwdriver
BFT084FZ (Type 2) Screwdriver
BFT122FZ Screwdriver
BFT123FZ Screwdriver
BFT124R Screwdriver
BFT124RAZ Drill / Driver
BFT124RZ Drill / Driver
BFT125FZ Screwdriver
BFT126FZ Screwdriver
BTD040Z Drill / Driver
BTD042Z Drill / Driver
BTD043 Drill / Driver
BTD044Z (Type 1) Drill / Driver
BTD044Z (Type 2) Drill / Driver
BTD060Z Drill / Driver
BTD061 Drill / Driver
BTD061SAG Drill / Driver
BTD061Z Drill / Driver
BTD062Z Drill / Driver
BTD064Z (Type 2) Drill / Driver
BTD103 Drill / Driver

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