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Hitachi 994-208 994208 RUBBER RING (B)

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

G18SCY 7″ UVP Angle Grinder
G23SCY 9″ UVP Angle Grinder
G18SE2 7″ Disc Grinder 15Amp
G23SC2 9″ Disc Grinder 15Amp
G23SC3 9″ Disc Grinder
G23SF Disc Grinder
G18SR Disc Grinder
G23MR Disc Grinder
G23SR Disc Grinder
G18SE3 7″ Disc Grinder AC / DC
G18MR Disc Grinder
G18SRU Grinder
G23SRU Grinder
G18MRP9 Grinder
G18SG Grinder
G18SH Grinder
G18U Grinder
G18UA Grinder
G18UA2 Grinder
G18UAY Grinder
G18UB Grinder
G18UB2 Grinder
G18UBY Grinder
G18UC Grinder
G18UDY Grinder
G23MRP9 Grinder
G23MRU Grinder
G23MRUA Grinder
G23SE Grinder
G23U Grinder
G23UA Grinder
G23UB Grinder

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 in


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