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Hitachi 959-150 959150 STEEL BALL D6.35 DH38YE 1 PIECE

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

H45MRY SDS Max Low Vibration Demolition Hammer
H60MRV 20 lb IDI Demolition Hammer
WR16SA 1/2″ Impact Wrench
DV16V 5/8″ Hammer Drill
DV20VB2 1/2″ 8.3 Amp 2-Mode Hammer Drill
DH38YE 1-1/2″ Rotary Hammer, 2-Mode, Spline Shank
DH50SBK 2″ Spline Shank Rotary Hammer
TR12 1/2″ 3 HP Plunge Router
WH16 1/2″ 5.0 Amp Square Drive Impact Wrench
DV24DV 24V 1/2″ Variable 2-Speed Hammer Drill
DH22VB Hammer Drill
H45MR SDS Max Shank Demolition Hammer
H60MB SDS Max VSR Demolition Hammer
DH22PG 7/8″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer
DH24PB3 15/16″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer
DH24PC3 15/16″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer
DH24PF3 15/16″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer
DH30PC 1-3/16″ VSR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
DH15DV Cordless Hammer Drill
DH22VD Hammer Drill
DH30PB SDS+ 1-3/16″ 2 Rotary Hammer VSR
DH38YA SPLINE 1/2″ Rotary Hammer
DH38YF SPLINE 1/2″ Rotary Hammer
DV16V1 5/8″ Impact Drill
H45MA SDS MAX Demolition Hammer
VR16 Rotary Hammer
WH14 Impact Wrench
DV16VSS Impact Drill
DH18DSLP4 Cordless Rotary Hammer
DH28PC Rotary Hammer
DH28PD Rotary Hammer
H41MB Hammer Drill
WR18DSHL Cordless Impact Wrench

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