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Hitachi 956-636 956636 TAP SCREW W/WASHER D4X25 P20SB

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

CC12Y 12″ AC/DC Portable Cut-Off Saw
P20SBK 3-1/4″ Planer
DH38YE 1-1/2″ Rotary Hammer, 2-Mode, Spline Shank
SB75 3″ 2-speed Belt Sander
SB10T 2-speed Belt Sander
C7SA Circular Saw
C7SC Circular Saw
CJ65V Jig Saw
CK12D Cordless Knife Cutter, 9.6 v
D6D 1/4″ Cordless Driver Drill
DH25V 1″ Rotary Hammer
DH22 Rotary Hammer
DH38YA SPLINE 1/2″ Rotary Hammer
DH38YF SPLINE 1/2″ Rotary Hammer
H45SA Demolition Hammer
H45SB Hammer
M12SA Router
G12SA 4-1/2″ Disc Grinder 6.9Amp
P20SB 3-1/4″ Hand Planer 3.4Amp Aluminum Alloy Base
P50 6-5/8″ Hand Planer
PSM-7 Circular Saw
SB-110 Belt Sander
VRY38 Rotary Hammer
W6VB 1/4″ Hex Drywall Screwdriver
W6VF Drywall Screwdriver
WH10D Impact Wrench

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