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Hitachi 949-561 949561 NUT M12 C10FS C8FB2 10 Pieces

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

C15FB 15 Miter Saw
C8FB2 8-1/2″ Twin Rail Sliding Compound Miter Saw
C10FS Slide Compound Saw
C8FB Slide Compound Saw
F-1000A Planer Jointer
C10FA 10″ Miter Saw
C12FA 12″ Miter Saw
C15FA 15″ Miter Saw
CB100F Band Saw
CB100FA Band Saw
F-1500 Planer Jointer
FA-700 Finishing Planer
SR15 Universal Saw
TSB-10 10″ Miter Saw
UA-130 Finish Grinder

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