Hitachi 949-239 949239 SCREWS M5X16 (10 PIECES) NV50A1


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Hitachi 949-239 949239 SCREWS M5X16 (10 PIECES) NV50A1

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

CB75F Band Saw
CC12Y 12″ AC/DC Portable Cut-Off Saw
C15FB 15 Miter Saw
NV50A1 Light-Duty Coil Utility Nailer
C12FSA 12″ Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw
C10FCD 10″ Dual Compound Miter Saw
C10FCB 10″ Compound Miter Saw
SAT180 7″ 2-Speed Disc Sander/Polisher
B-600A Band Saw
C10FA 10″ Miter Saw
C10FB 10″ Miter Saw
C12FA 12″ Miter Saw
C15FA 15″ Miter Saw
CB10T Rotary Band Saw
CB10V 4″ Rotary Band Saw
CB10VA Rotary Band Saw
CB100FA Band Saw
CJ65 Jig Saw
CJ65VA Jig Saw
F-1500 Planer Jointer
H45SA Demolition Hammer
P50 6-5/8″ Hand Planer
PDL180A Grinder
PDL230 Grinder
PSM-7 Circular Saw
PSM-8 Circular Saw
PSM-9 Circular Saw
SAG180 Disc Sander
P12RA 12-9/32″ Portable Planer/Jointer
TSB-10 10″ Miter Saw
UA-150 Finish Grinder

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