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Hitachi 938-477 938477 HEX SOCKET SET SCREW M5X8 C7SB

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

C7SB2 7-1/4″ 15 Amp Circular Saw
C7YAH 7-1/4″ Dust Reducing Circular Saw
C7YAK 7-1/4″ Dust Reducing Circular Saw
C8 8-1/4″ 13 Amp Circular Saw
CC14SF 14″ Portable Chop Saw
CM4SB2 4″ Dry-Cut Masonry Saw
H45FRV 3/4″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H45MRY SDS Max Low Vibration Demolition Hammer
H55SC 3/4″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H60MRV 20 lb IDI Demolition Hammer
H65SD2 1-1/8″ Hex 40 lb Demolition Hammer
WR16SA 1/2″ Impact Wrench
WR22SA 3/4″ Impact Wrench
VB16Y Grade 60 EVS Rebar Cutter / Bender
C10FCE2 10″ Compound Miter Saw
C10FCH2 10″ Laser Compound Miter Saw
C12FCH 12″ Laser Compound Miter Saw
C12FDH 12″ Laser Dual Compound Miter Saw
C12LCH 12″ Compound Miter Saw
C12LDH 12″ Dual Compound Miter Saw
C12LSH 12″ Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw
C12RSH 12″ Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw
P20SBK 3-1/4″ Planer
DH38YE 1-1/2″ Rotary Hammer, 2-Mode, Spline Shank
DH40FR 1-9/16″ Spline Shank Rotary Hammer
DH50SBK 2″ Spline Shank Rotary Hammer
DH40MRY 1-9/16″ SDS Max UVP Rotary Hammer
DH45MR 1-3/4″ SDS Max IDI Rotary Hammer
DH50MB 2″ SDS Max Shank Rotary Hammer
DH25PB 31/32″ VSR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
DH30PC2 1-3/16″ SDS+ Rotary Hammer
KM12VC 2-1/4HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router
M12SA2 3-1/4 Peak HP Single Speed Plunge Router
M12VC 2-1/4HP Variable Speed Fixed Base Router
S18SB 7″ Vertical Sander
SP18VAH 7″ Disc Sander/Polisher
SB8V2 3″ x 21″ Variable Speed Belt Sander
C12LC 12″ LCD Compound Miter Saw
C10FCH 10″ Laser Compound Miter Saw
C10FCE 10″ Compound Miter Saw
TR12 1/2″ 3 HP Plunge Router
M12SC 2-1/4HP Single Speed Fixed Base Router
KM12SC 2-1/4HP Single Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router
SB75 3″ 2-speed Belt Sander
SB10T 2-speed Belt Sander
CC14SE 14″ Portable Cut-Off Machine
SP18SA 7″ Polisher
S18SA 7″ Sander
DH40FA Hammer Drill
H45MR SDS Max Shank Demolition Hammer
H60MB SDS Max VSR Demolition Hammer
H65 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H85 H85 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H85KIT 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H85KIT2 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H85KIT4 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H90SB 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H90SBKIT 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H90SBKIT2 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
H90SBKIT4 1-1/8″ Hex Demolition Hammer
DH40MR 1-9/16″ SDS Max Rotary Hammer
DH30PC 1-3/16″ VSR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
H90SE 1-1/8″ Hex 70lb Breaker
C7BD Circular Saw
C7BD2 Circular Saw
DH25V 1″ Rotary Hammer
DH30PB SDS+ 1-3/16″ 2 Rotary Hammer VSR
DH38YA SPLINE 1/2″ Rotary Hammer
DH38YF SPLINE 1/2″ Rotary Hammer
DH40FB SPLINE 1-9/16″ Rotary Hammer
DH40MB SDS MAX 1-9/16″ Rotary Hammer
DH40RMY SDS MAX 1-9/16″ Rotary Hammer
F-30A Electric Planer
G18SE2 7″ Disc Grinder 15Amp
G23SC2 9″ Disc Grinder 15Amp
G23SF Disc Grinder
H25PV Hammer
H30PV Hammer
H45MA SDS MAX Demolition Hammer
H45SB Hammer
H45SB2 3/4″ HEX 21/32″ Round Demolition Hammer 8AMP
H65SD 1-1/8″HEX Demolition Hammer
H65SC Hammer
M12SA Router
M12V 1/2″ Router, 3-1/4 HP 15Amp Electronic Variable Speed
M8 Router
M8V 1/4″ Router 1-1/2HP 7.3Amp Electronic Variable Speed
P20SB 3-1/4″ Hand Planer 3.4Amp Aluminum Alloy Base
PH-85 Demo Hammer
PSM-7 Circular Saw
PSM-8 Circular Saw
PSM-9 Circular Saw
SO-110A Orbital Sander
SP18VA 7″ Electric Disc Sander Polisher
TR8 Router
VB13Y 1/2 Motorized Rebar Cutter/Bender
DH40MA SDS MAX 1-9/16″ Rotary Hammer
C8FSE Slide Compound Saw
C8FSHE Slide Compound Saw
DH38MS Rotary Hammer
DH50MRY Rotary Hammer
G23SR Disc Grinder
M12V2 Router
G18SS Disc Grinder
DH38YE2 Rotary Hammer
DH28PC Rotary Hammer
DH28PD Rotary Hammer
H41MB Hammer Drill
P20ST Planer
M12VE Router
CC14SF/SFS Cut-Off Machine
C10FSH Slide Compound Saw
C10FSB Slide Compound Saw
H60KA K Hex Breaker And Demolition Hammer

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