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Hitachi 930-119 930119 CHUCK WRENCH 6.5G D10V1

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

DV14V 3/8″ VSR 5.0 Amp Hammer Drill
WH10DL 10.8 Volt Lithium Ion Micro Impact Driver
WH14DL 14.4 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver
WH14DM 14.4V 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver
WH14DMB 14.4V 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver
WH14DMR 14.4V Cordless Impact Driver
WH18DL 18V 3.0Ah Lithium Ion Impact Driver
WH18DMR 18V Cordless Impact Driver
D10V 3/8″ Drill
D10V1 3/8″ Drill 3.3Amp VS 0-1100Rpm
D10VD 3/8″ Heavy Duty Drill VSR 5Amp
D10Y 3/8″ Angle Drill
DR10 3/8″ Super Drill
DRC10 3/8″ Cordless Super Drill
DUV10 3/8″ Drill
DVR10 3/4″ Hammer Drill
DW15Y 3/8″ Super DRILL
VTP-10 Hammer Drill
VTV-10 Hammer Drill
WH12DC 1/4 IN.Hex, 12v Impact Drill
WH12DH 1/4 IN. Hex, 12v Impact Drill
WH12DM 1/4 IN. Hex, 12v Impact Drill
WH8DH 1/4 In. Hex, 9.6v Impact Drill Driver
WH18DSAL Cordless Impact Driver
WH18DBDL Impact Driver
WH18DSDL Cordless Impact Driver
WH10DCL Cordless Angle Impact Driver
WH18DGL Cordless Impact Driver

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