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Hitachi 886-483 886483 CYLINDER RING

Fits the following Hitachi Tools:

NR83AA3 Clipped Head Framing Nailer
NR90AE 3-1/2″ Round Head Framing Nailer
NV65AC Coil Pallet Nailer
NV83A2 Full Round Head Coil Nailer
NR83A2(S) Framing Nailer, Full Head, Plastic Strip Collation (without Depth Adjustment)
83AA2 Strip Nailer
NR83A 3-1/4″ Full Head Nailer
NR83AA 3-1/4″ Clipped head Framing Nailer
NR83AA2 3-1/4″ Clipped head Framing Nailer
NV65AA Nailer
NV75A Nailer
NV83A 3-1/4″ Full Head, Framing Coil Nailer
NR90AD Strip Nailer
NR90ADPR Strip Nailer
NR90AE(S) Strip Nailer
NR90AF Strip Nailer
NV83A23 Nailer
NR83A3S Strip Nailer
NR83A3 Strip Nailer
NV90AG Coil Nailer
NR83AA4 3-1/4″ Paper Collated Framing Nailer
NV83A3 Nailer
NR83A2 Strip Nailer
NV83A4 Nailer
NR83A5 Strip Nailer
NR83A5(S)M 3-1/4 Inch Rnd Head Framing Nailer W/Out Depth Adjustment
NR83A5M 3-1/4 Inch Rnd Head Framing Nailer W/ Depth Adjustment
NR83AA5M 3-1/4 Inch Clipped Head Fram Nailer Accepts Paper Tape Collated Nails
NR90ADS1M 3 1/2 Inch Clipped Head Framing Strip Nailer
NR90AES1M 3 1/2 Inch Full Head Framing Strip Nailer
NR90AFS1M 3-1/2 Inch 28 Offset Round Nailer Wire Weld Strip Framing Nailer
NV83A5M 3-1/4 Inch Coil Framing Nailer 2 Inch-3-1/4 Inch X 0.099 Inch-0.131 Inch
NV90AGSM 3-1/2 Inch Coil Framing Nailer
NR83A2(Y) Nailer
NR83A5(S) Nailer
NR83AA5 Nailer
NR90AEPR Nailer
NR90AE(S1) Nailer
NV90AG(S) Nailer

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