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Duo Fast MS-100-4 O-RING

Fits the following Duo Fast Tools:

DCN-225-60 Intermediate Size Coil Nailer
DCN-225-XO-1052 Intermediate Size Coil Nailer
HTN-158C Heavy Duty T-Nailer
HTN-250C Heavy Duty T-Nailer
HTN-250C-HTN-158C Heavy-Duty “T” Nailer
HTN-250D Heavy-Duty “T” Nailer
KN-1820 Intermediate Size Pneumatic Stapler
KN-6440 Intermediate Size Pneumatic Stapler
KW-1748B Intermediate Stapler
MS-1580C-SP-334 Heavy Duty Stapler
MS-7664-C-SP-269 Heavy Duty Double Latch Stapler
MS-7664-Z Heavy Duty Stapler
MS-7664C-SP-312 Heavy Duty Stapler
MS-7680C Heavy Duty Stapler
RS-1748B Roofing Stapler
SP-225 Intermediate Size Pneumatic Stapler

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