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Duo Fast 390781 (OR-011-90N) O-RING

Fits the following Duo Fast Tools:

DCF-100 Corrugated Fastener Tool
DS-7648B Intermediate Stapler
DS-7656B Intermediate Stapler
DS-7664BP Sheathing Stapler
HFN-880D 15 Gauge Heavy Finish Nailer
MS-1580D Heavy Duty Stapler
MS-7664D Heavy Duty Stapler
MS-7664E 16 Gauge Sheathing Stapler
MS7664E Heavy Duty Stapler
RCN-60-225 Intermediate Size Coil Nailer
RCN-60-225NM Intermediate Size Coil Nailer
RCN-70-275A Heavy-Duty Round Head Nailer
RCN-70-60A Round Head Nailer
RCN60_225 Intermediate Size Coil Nailer
RCN_70-275A Heavy Duty Round Head Nailer
RCN_70-60A Heavy Duty Round Head Nailer
RN-175A Roofing Nailer
RNS-1748I Intermediate Stapler
RNS-1748R Wide Crown Stapler
RCN-60/225ADJ Intermediate Size Coil Nailer (1012017)

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