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DeWalt 609932-02 MACHINE SCREW

Fits the following DeWalt Tools:

DC618N Type 1 Angled Nailer
DC618A Type 1 Angled Nailer
DC616N Type 1 Finish Nailer
DC616A Type 1 Finish Nailer
DC614N Type 1 Angled Finish Nailer
DC614A Type 1 Angled Finish Nailer
DC612N Type 1 Finish Nailer
DC612A Type 1 Finish Nailer
DC617A Type 1 Straight Magazine Kit
DC619A Type 1 Angled Nailer
DC628 Type 1 Finishing Nailer
DC628 15GA Finish Nailer
DC628KA Type 1 Cordless 18V Finishing Nailer
DC616KA Nailer
DC616KN Nailer
DC618K (Type 1) 16 Ga Angled Cordless Nailer
DC612KA (Type 1) Nailer
DC612KN (Type 1) Nailer
DC628K (Type 1) 15ga Finish Nailer
DC614KA (Type 1) Nailer
DC614KN (Type 1) Nailer
DC616K (Type 1) 16ga Straight Cordless Nailer
DC617KA (Type 1) 18v Straight Magazine Kit
DC618KA (Type 1) Nailer
DC618KN (Type 1) 18v Angled Nailer Kit
DC619KA (Type 1) 18v 16g Angled Nailer Kit

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