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DeWalt 399146-00 CLAMP

Fits the following DeWalt Tools:

DW933 Type 1 18V Cordless Jig Saw
DW321 Type 1 Top Handle Jig Saw
DW321 Type 2 Top Handle Jig Saw
DW321 Type 3 Top Handle Jig Saw
DW323 Type 1 Body Grip Jig Saw
DW323 Type 2 Body Grip Jig Saw
DW321K Type 1 Jig Saw
DW321K Type 2 Jig Saw
DW321K Type 3 Jig Saw
DW321K-B2 Top Handle Jig Saw
DW321K-B3 Top Handle Jig Saw
DW321K-BR Jig Saw
DW933K (Type 1) 18v Jig Saw
DW323K (Type 2) Body Grip Jig Saw (Discon
DW323K (Type 1) Body Grip Jig Saw (Discon

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