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DeWalt 328809-00 COVER

Fits the following DeWalt Tools:

DW004 Type 1 24V SDS Hammer
DW999 Type 1 SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer
DW999 Type 2 SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer
DW563 Type 1 22MM Comp Rotary Hammer
DW563 Type 3 22MM Comp Rotary Hammer
DW566 Type 1 3/4 SDS Rotary Hammer
DW566 Type 3 3/4 SDS Rotary Hammer
DW567220 Type 1 220V SDS Hammer
DW567220 Type 3 220V SDS Hammer
DW567 Type 1 Rotary Hammer
DW567 Type 3 220V SDS Hammer
DW005 Type 1 24V SDS Rotary Hammer
DW005 Type 3 24V SDS Rotary Hammer
DW999 Type 3 Rotary Hammer
DW566K (Type 1) Electric Hammer Drill
DW566K (Type 3) Electric Hammer Drill
DW566K-AR (Type 3) Electric Hammer Drill
DW005K-2 (Type 1) 7/8-24v Rotary Hammer Kit
DW005K-2 (Type 3) 7/8-24v Rotary Hammer Kit
DW567K (Type 1) 1 Sds Hammer Kit
DW567K (Type 3) 1 Sds Hammer Kit
DW567K220 (Type 1) 1in Sds Hammer 220v
DW567K220 (Type 3) 1in Sds Hammer 220v
DW999K-2 (Type 1) 18v Sds Rotary Hammer
DW999K-2 (Type 2) 18v Sds Rotary Hammer
DW999K-2 (Type 3) 18v Sds Rotary Hammer
DW004K (Type 1) 24v Sds Hammer
DW563K (Type 1) 22mm Comp. Hammer
DW563K (Type 3) 22mm Comp. Hammer

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