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Bosch 1.616.317.084 1616317084 CYLINDRICAL GEAR

Fits the following Bosch Tools:

11536C-1 (3611J03R10) 36V Litheon Compact Rotary Hammer
11536C-2 (3611J03R10) 36V Litheon Compact Rotary Hammer
RHH181-01 18V 3/4″ Sds-Plus Core Rotary Hammer Kit
GBH 2000 DRE (3611B5A487) Rotary Hammer
GBH 220 D (3611B5A4G2) Rotary Hammer
GBH 2000 (3611B5A4K2) Rotary Hammer
11536 C (3611J03R10) Rotary Hammer
RHH180 (3611J04310) Cordless Hammer Drill
GBH 18V20 (3611J11010) Cordless Hammer Drill

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in