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Black and Decker 90590689 FILTER ASSEMBLY

Fits the following Black and Decker Tools:

BDH7200CHV 7.2V Hand Vac
BD9600CHV (Type 1) 9.6V Hand Vac
HHS315J01 (Type 1) 10.8v 3in1 Hand/Stic
HNVB115J10 (Type 1) Com Li Handvac White
HNV115J06 (Type 1) 3.6v Lithium Handvac
HNV215B10 (Type 1) 1.5 Ah Co Li Handvac
HNV220BCZ00 (Type 1) Comp Lith Handvac 2a
HNV220BCZ01 (Type 1) Com Li-Ion Hndvc-Gra
HNV220BCZ01FF (Type 1) Frus Free Comp Hv-Gr
HNV220BCZ03FF (Type 1) Compact Lit Hv- Aqua
HNV220BCZ10FF (Type 1) Compact Lit Hv-White
HNV220BCZ12FF (Type 1) Compac Li Hv-Icy Blu
HNV220BCZ22FF (Type 1) Compact Li Hv-Cobalt
HNV220BCZ26FF (Type 1) Compact Lit Hv-Chili
HNV115B22 (Type 1) Ltd Edition Cmpct Li
HNV115B26 (Type 1) 3.6v Lithim Hand Vac
HNV115J21 (Type 1) Comp Lit Handva Grey
HNV115J62 (Type 1) Com Lit Handvac Navy
HNV115J13 (Type 1) Comp Lit Handvac Spe
HNV115J56 (Type 1) Com Li Handvac Coral
BDH1200NVAV (Type 1) 12v Auto Vac
BDH9600CHV (Type 1) 9.6v Hand Vac

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