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Fits the following Stanley Bostitch Tools:

650S4 Pneumatic Stapler
650S5 Pneumatic Stapler
750S4 Pneumatic Stapler
BT35B Brad Nailer
BT50B Brad Nailer
CF15 Corrugated Tool
F21PL Pneumatic Stick Nailer
F21PL2 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
F28WW Pneumatic Stick Nailer
F33PT Pneumatic Stick Nailer
WM45B Pneumatic Coil Nailer
T55S5 Pneumatic Stapler
T50S4 Pneumatic Stapler
T50S2 Pneumatic Stapler
T40SX-LM Pneumatic Stapler
T40SX Pneumatic Stapler
T40S5-SF Pneumatic Stapler
S32SXLP Pneumatic Stapler
S32SXLM Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX-BHF-2 Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX-BHF Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX-BF-KIT Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX Pneumatic Stapler
N89RH17 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N89C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Framing Nailer
N86C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80CBMLPAL Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80CB-1ML Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N80CB Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDN11RH Pneumatic Stick Nailer
SDN11PTB Pneumatic Stick Nailer
SDCN14B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N57C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDCN14 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N50FN Angle Stick Pneumatic Finish Nailer
N130C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N100S Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N100C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
S32SLLM Pneumatic Stapler
S32SL Pneumatic Stapler
S3297-LHF-2 Pneumatic Stapler
S3297-LHF Pneumatic Stapler
S3297 Pneumatic Stapler
N75C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Sheathing Nailer
RN46 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
RN45B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
PC5000 Pneumatic Stapler
N95162 Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N89RH17-2MCN Pneumatic Stick Nailer
N70CBPAL Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N70CBM Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N66C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N66BC Cap Nailer
N64C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N64084-N64099 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N63CP Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N60FN Angle Stick Pneumatic Finish Nailer
N66BC-1 (Type 0) Cap Nailer
863S4 Pneumatic Stapler
N75C-1 Type 0 Coil Sheathing/Siding Nailer
N89C-1P Type 0 Heavy Duty Pallet, Fence Nailer
N59FN Pneumatic Finish Nailer
RN46-1 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
N55C Coil-Fed Nailer
N80S Type 0 Stick Nailer
750S5 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
850S4 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
S32SL-OC (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
LPF21PL (Type 0) 21 Degrees Low Profile Plastic Collated Framing Nailer
LPF28WW (Type 0) 28 Degrees Low Profile Wire Weld Framing Nailer
LPF33PT (Type 0) 30 Degrees Low Profile Paper Collated Framing Nailer
651S5 (Type 0) 16 GA – 7/16″ Construction Stapler
N66C-1 (72400000) 15 Degrees Coil Siding Nailer
N89C (140020000) Framing Nailer
N89C-HQ (Type 0) Framing Nailer
N89C-HQ (140020000) Framing Nailer
N55CD (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N58C (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
S32SX (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX-2 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX-3 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
S32SX-BF (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
IC60-1 (Type 1) Industrial Coil Nail
IC60-1 (Type 16180001 and Higher) Industrial Coil Nail
N80CB-1 (Type 0) Angle Coil Nailer
N80CB-HQ (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N89C-1 (Type 0) Coil Framing Nailr
N89C-1 (Type 140020000 and higher) Coil Framing Nailr
RN90PLEX (Type 0) Round Head Duplex Na
F33PTSM (Type 0) Stick Nailer
F33PTSM (Type 140020000 and Higher) Stick Nailer
765S5-1E (Type 0) Bostacker,S5,65mmmax
T55S4 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
N71C (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N400C-1 (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N401C-1 (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
BT50B-2 (Type 0) Bt Brad Nailer-St
BT35B-2 (Type 0) Bt35b Sideload Magazine

Fits the following DeWalt Tools:

DW66C-1 (Type 0) 15 Deg Coi Side Nailer
DW325C (Type 1) 15 D Coi Frame Nailr
DW325PT (Type 0) 30 Deg Pt Frame Nailer
DW325PL (Type 0) 21 Deg Frame Nailer

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