Stanley Bostitch 850006 O-RING 1.​987X.​103


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Stanley Bostitch 850006 O-RING 1.​987X.​103

Fits the following Stanley Bostitch Tools:

750S4 Pneumatic Stapler
WM45B Pneumatic Coil Nailer
T55S5 Pneumatic Stapler
SDCN14B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N57C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
SDCN14 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N12B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
RN45B Coil-Fed Pneumatic Roofing Nailer
N64C Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N64084-N64099 Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
N63CP Coil-Fed Pneumatic Nailer
863S4 Pneumatic Stapler
N55C Coil-Fed Nailer
750S5 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
850S4 (Type 0) Pneumatic Stapler
N55CD (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
N58C (Type 0) Coil-Fed Nailer
T36-50 T-Nail and Finish Nailer
T36-50 S4 and S4 Stapler
T36-50 S2 Stapler

Fits the following Craftsman Tools:

18981 T36-13 Nailer/Stapler
18981 T36-50 Nailer/Stapler
18981 T36-7 Nailer/Stapler

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