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Fits the following Senco Tools:

D 030002N (DFP 1/2) Clinch Tool
F Series Stapler
FinishPro 25XP 18 Ga. Brad Nailer
FinishPro 41XP 15 Ga. Finish Nailer
FinishPro 42XP 15 Ga. Finish Nailer
FramePro 600 Framing Nailer
FramePro 650 Framing Nailer
FramePro 600E Framing Nailer
600 (FRH) Full Round-Head Nailer
650 (FRH) Full Round-Head Nailer
FramePro 700E-XL Framing Nailer
FramePro 750E-XL Framing Nailer
FramePro 700-XL (FRH) Nailer
FramePro 750-XL (FRH) Nailer
FramePro 701XP Full Round-Head Nailer
FramePro 751XP Full Round-Head Nailer
FramePro 702XP Full Round-Head Nailer
FramePro 752XP Full Round-Head Nailer
SCN40DW Drywall Coil Nailer
SCN40R Roofing Coil Nailer
SCN60XP Coil Nailer
SCN65XP Coil Nailer
SFN30 15 Ga. Finish Nailer
SFN40 15 Ga. Finish Nailer
SFW10XP Fine Wire Stapler
SJ10 Fine Wire Stapler
SLP20XP 18 Ga. Brad Nailer
SLS20XP 18 Ga. Finish Stapler
SLS25XP 18 Ga. Medium Wire Stapler
SN60 Nailer
SN60MC Full Head Framing Metal Connector Nailer
SN65 Full Round Head Framing Nailer
SN65C Full Round Head Framing Nailer
SN901XP Clipped Head Nailer
SN902XP Full Round Head Nailer
SN951XP Clipped Head Nailer
SN952XP Full Round Head Nailer
SNS40 Rugged Duty Stapler
SNS45XP 16 Ga. Construction Stapler
SNS50XP 16 Ga. Heavy Wire Stapler
SQS55XP 15 Ga. Heavy Wire Stapler
FramePro 325XP Clipped Head Nailer
SCP40XP Pneumatic Concrete Pinner

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