Makita 688117-5 MAGNET SLEEVE


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Makita 688117-5 MAGNET SLEEVE

Fits the following Makita Tools:

BO6040 Sander
9565CV Angle Grinder
9560CV Angle Grinder
9561CV Angle Grinder
9563CV Grinder
9564CV Angle Grinder
9564CVL Angle Grinder
GD0800C Die Grinder
GD0810C Die Grinder
9566CV Cut Off Angle Grinder
3707FC Fixed Base Laminate Trimmer
3708FC Tilt Base Laminate Trimmer
4340FCT Jig Saw
4341FCT Jig Saw
PW5001C Wet Stone Polisher
4351FCT Barrel Grip LED Light Jig Saw
4350FCT Top Handle LED Light Jig Saw
9566PC 6″ SJS Cutoff / Angle Grinder
9565PC 5″ SJS Angle Grinder
9564PC 4-1/2″ SJS Angle Grinder
GA4542C 4-1/2″ SJS II High-Power Angle Grinder
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