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Fits the following Makita Tools:

3901 Plate Joiner
NHP1310 Drill
N1900B Planer
3700B Trimmer
3705 Trimmer
6302H Drill
6303H Drill
6820V Screwdriver
6905B Impact Wrench
HP1310 Drill
9031 Belt Sander
9501B Grinder
9503BH Grinder
9505BH Grinder
DA3000R Drill
HP2030 Hammer Drill
HP2031 Hammer Drill
JN1600 Nibbler
JS1600 Metal Shear
1900B Planer
3702B Laminate Trimmer
HP1030 Hammer Drill
HP2032 Hammer Drill
6302 Drill
6303 Drill
6403 Electric Drill
6922NB Shear Wrench
6812 Drywall Screwdriver
1902 Planer
TW0350 Drive Impact Wrench
9032 Belt Sander
N9501BZ Disc Grinder
N1923B 3-1/4″ Power Planer
6402 3/8″ Electric Drill
3703 1/4″ Laminate Trimmer

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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