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Makita 211063-3 BALL BEARING 6000LB 906H

Fits the following Makita Tools:

6095D Cordless Drill
LS1013 Miter Saw
N1900B Planer
LS1212 Miter Saw
2702 Table Saw
2703 Table Saw
4191D Cordless Saw
6012HD Cordless Drill
6073D Cordless Drill
6075D Cordless Drill
6092D Cordless Drill
6093D Cordless Drill
6172D Cordless Drill
6200D Cordless Drill
6201D Cordless Drill
6211D Cordless Drill
6222D Cordless Drill
6223D Cordless Drill
6311D Cordless Drill
6703D Cordless Screwdriver
6702D Cordless Screwdriver
6830 Screwdriver
6832 Screwdriver
6834 Screwdriver
5620D Cordless Circular Saw
LS1011N Compound Miter Saw
LS1030N Miter Saw
LS1040 Miter Saw
LS1045 Miter Saw
9005B Grinder
9741 Wheel Sander
JS1670 Metal Shear
UM401D Lawnmower
6795D Cordless Drill
6940D Impact Driver
DA6300 Angle Drill
1900B Planer
LC1230 Chop Saw
LS1220 Compound Miter Saw
6704D Cordless Angle Socket Driver
6706D Cordless Angle Socket Driver
LS800D Cordless Compound Miter Saw
5093D Cordless Circular Saw
JR140D Cordless Reciprocating Saw
JR180D Cordless Reciprocating Saw
6705D 9.6V Cordless Screwdriver
5092D Cordless Circular Saw
6011D Cordless Drill
BTD200 Cordless Impact Driver
BTW200 Cordless Impact Wrench
5630D Cordless Circular Saw
LS711D Cordless Miter Saw
5094D Cordless Circular Saw
5077B Hypoid Saw
5091D Cordless Circular Saw
6002D Cordless Drill
6202D Cordless Drill
6212D Cordless Drill
6312D Cordless Drill
1912B Planer
9523NB Grinder
9524NB Grinder
9523NBH Angle Grinder
N9514B Grinder
3705 Trimmer
1806B Planer
9514B Disc Grinder
906H Die Grinder
5740NB Circular Saw
6922NB Shear Wrench
1902 Planer
LS1214 Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw
DA4031 Angle Drill
4112H Angle Cutter
LS1221 Compound Miter Saw
KP312 Planer
LS1013F Miter Saw
BSS610 Circular Saw
LS1013FL Compound Miter Saw
LS1040F Compound Miter Saw
LS1013L Compound Miter Saw
5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw
4114 Angle Cutter
GA7021 Angle Grinder
GA7020 Angle Grinder
GA9020 Angle Grinder
GA7040S Angle Grinder
LS1214FL 12″ Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw
GA9040S 9″ 15A Soft-Start Technology Angle Grinder
BTL061 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver
BSS611 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 6-1/2″ Circular Saw
LS1214L 12″ Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser
2703X1 15A 10″ Table Saw
6221D Cordless Driver Drill
DA4030 1/2″ Angle Drill
1911B 4-3/8″ Planer
N1923B 3-1/4″ Power Planer
BTL063 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ Angle Impact Wrench

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