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Makita 211033-2 BALL BEARING 608LB 5091D

Fits the following Makita Tools:

DP4000 Drill
LS1212 Miter Saw
4304 Jig Saw
4304T Jig Saw
4305 Jig Saw
4320 Jig Saw
DP3002 Drill
6302H Drill
6303H Drill
DP4002 Drill
6300LR Drill
6201D Cordless Drill
6211D Cordless Drill
6311D Cordless Drill
6820V Screwdriver
6905B Impact Wrench
6906 Impact Wrench
LS0711Z Miter Saw
1912B Planer
8411D Drill
8412D Cordless Drill
9741 Wheel Sander
DA301D Drill
DA391D Cordless Drill
HR2400 Rotary Hammer
HR4000C Rotary Hammer
UC120D Chain Saw
4305T Jig Saw
6013BR Drill
6821 Screwdriver
6905H Impact Driver
HM0810B Demolition Hammer
3621 Router
6302 Drill
6303 Drill
LS1220 Compound Miter Saw
6950 Impact Driver
6301LR Electric Drill
6403 Electric Drill
HR4040C Rotary Hammer
DP3003 Electric Drill
DP4001 Electric Drill
DP4003 Electric Drill
4334D Cordless Jig Saw
6812 Drywall Screwdriver
DA302D Cordless Angle Drill
DA312D Cordless Angle Drill
DA392D Cordless Angle Drill
6202D Cordless Drill
6212D Cordless Drill
6312D Cordless Drill
N1900B Planer
1900B Planer
5007NB Circular Saw
5740NB Circular Saw
JR3000V 6 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
4014NV Blower
4101RH Masonry Saw
4191D Cordless Saw
4301BV Jig Saw
4200H Circular Saw
6410 Drill
6510LVR Drill
6801DBV Screwdriver
6802BV Screwdriver
6805BV Screwdriver
3606 Router
8401 Drill
9005B Grinder
9045N Finishing Sander
9046 Orbital Sander
9207SPB Sander
9207SPC Polisher
9217SPC Sander / Polisher
9901 Belt Sander
DA3000R Drill
HM1100C Demolition Hammer
HP1500 Hammer Drill
HP2040 Hammer Drill
HR2000 Rotary Hammer
HR2010 Rotary Hammer
JN1600 Nibbler
JN3200 Nibbler
JS1600 Metal Shear
JS1670 Metal Shear
JS3200 Metal Shear
PC1100 Concrete Planer
2106 Band Saw
DA6300 Angle Drill
HK1810 Scraper
HP1501 Hammer Drill
9218SB Sander
HM1140C Demolition Hammer
HP1030 Hammer Drill
5008NB Circular Saw
GV5000 Disc Sander
9045B Finishing Sander
9218PB Polisher
9218PBL Polisher
6000LR Drill
5093D Cordless Circular Saw
5005BA Circular Saw
5007NBA Circular Saw
5092D Cordless Circular Saw
JR3000VT Reciprocating Saw
6922NB Shear Wrench
5094D Cordless Circular Saw

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