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Duo Fast 1015492 OMR 01.38 ORING (SS1832)

Fits the following Duo Fast Tools:

1848_SL SureShot Heavy Duty Stapler
6532 SureShot 19 Gauge Stapler
SS-1832ST Sureshot
SS-1848 SureShot
SS-1848F Sureshot
SS-1848W SureShot
SURESHOT_4450 Pneumatic Brad and Pin Nailer
SURESHOT_4450ST Pneumatic Brad and Pin Nailer
SURESHOT_6532 SureShot Stapler
SURESHOT_764 SureShot
W-1832 SureShot
W1848_502065 Sure Shot® 7/16″ Medium Crown Stapler (502065)
W1832_501469 SureShot® 7/16″ Medium Crown Stapler (501469)

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in