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Bosch 2.610.A06.843 2610A06843 LM400 BATTERY BOX NUT

Fits the following Bosch Tools:

Laser Level ALH (F034K61A00) Bosch Laser Level ALH (F034K61A00)
Laser Level ALHV (F034K61B00) Bosch Laser Level ALHV (F034K61B00)
Laser Level RL25H (F034K61012) Bosch Laser Level RL25H (F034K61012)
Laser Level RL25HV (F034K61017) Bosch Laser Level RL25HV (F034K61017)
Laser Level RL50HV (F034K61013) Bosch Laser Level RL50HV (F034K61013)
Laser RL25H (F034K61011) Bosch Laser RL25H (F034K61011)
Laser RL25HV (F034K61016) Bosch Laser RL25HV (F034K61016)

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